Stump Grinding & Tree Lopping

Stump Grinding involves the grinding of the visible tree stump to below ground level. On completion of stump grinding the stump hole will be back filled with stump chips. If stumps are left after a tree removal it can become a hazard or look unsightly.

After your tree removal you may require stump grinding to be completed. Plantspec have stump grinding machines to suit almost every site, and our stump grinding operators are highly trained and experienced to complete stump grinding in a safe and efficient manner.

The stump grinder will grind the stump to below ground level. You can avoid the cost of repairs to underground services that may be damaged in the process by notifying us of their exact location prior to the works being carried out.

Our team of professional staff includes qualified and experienced arborists, who are highly trained in trimming, removing and maintaining the health of all types and sizes of tree.

We have reliable equipment to enable us to work safely with the trees on your property. Plantspec will help you achieve maximum safety of your home and yard from possible dangers, caused by trees.