Fact Sheets

With the cold winds upon us and winter approaching it is time to make our gardens prepared to ride out the winter months. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do and how to help your plants succeed through winter so we here at Plantspec have prepared some helpful hints! It is ideal to have these things done through autumn before winter hits to provide your plants with the best shot.


If you are looking at ways to add fresh plants to your garden and make things a little more lively then these ideas are for you!

Plants out winter and early spring flowers and vegetables, so they will establish before the onset of winter whilst the soil is still warm.

  • Plant Bulbs, bulbs and bulbs! The ideal time is from Mid March to the end of April
  • Plant strawberries, lettuce, onions, spinach, and cabbage
  • plant evergreen trees and shrubs
  • plant natives such as lillypillies


An Application of fertiliser now will help your plants build up strength to survive the winter's chill as well as give them the much needed boost after Queensland's harsh summer conditions. If you were to have spent the last few months sitting still in the summer months in your garden you would be requiring some food by now, so your plants will love you for feeding them!

Lawn Care

Autumn is a great time of years to start the process of getting your lawn looking the best it ever has! Your lawn is still growing in Autumn so it is one of the most important times on your lawn care calender.

  • aerate your lawn
  • eliminate weeds
  • top dress
  • water, water, water!

Controlling those pesky pests

Autumn is a great time to attack those garden pests that are affecting the longevity and health of your garden. Now is a great time to:

  • spray for insects
  • treat fungal diseases

Autumn is a great time to spend in your garden. With these handy tips, your plants will last the winter and look better than ever in spring. If you need help to achieve these, than give one of our friendly staff a call today!