About Us

Sharing Our Passion and Expertise in Gardening and Landscape Design and Construction With The People of South East Brisbane

Plantspec Pty Ltd was started in January 2006 by Tony Gough, who decided to turn his passion for Landscaping and Gardening into a business idea. From here Plantspec really blossomed into the thriving business it is today. Plantspec Pty Ltd went from a few gardens and lawns and just kept evolving into something spectacular. Now we can boast about gaining quite a well known reputation for professionalism and attention to detail, not to mention customer satisfaction and a very extensive list of clientele - including but not limited local schools, sports complexes and many local businesses. We here at Plantspec Pty Ltd have worked on and completed quite a diverse and extensive range of projects including: broad-scale landscape planning, restoration and conservation for governments and industry, gardens for schools and institutions, memorial gardens in cemeteries, magnificent country landscapes, suburban gardens and walled city gardens. Every site brings with it new and exciting challenges that we here at Plantspec Pty Ld are more than capable of dealing with. Why not test out our skills for yourself and give us a call today!

We also provide a range of other services including:

  • Garden, lawn and yard maintenance
  • Professional pruning and trimming services
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Garden renovations and clean ups
  • Water tank supply and installation
  • A range of decking and pergola services
  • Patios and verandahs
  • Paving and retaining wall services
  • Installation of water features
  • Home renovation services
  • Roof Restoration
  • Concreting services
  • Resurfacing Services
  • Property Maintenance
  • Plus Much More!!!!

Why is it worth cooperating with us?